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Boy Mom.Homeschooler.traveler.story teller.activist.

Story telling

I love to talk & story telling is the way I connect with many people. Many times my stories start out with a joke and then somehow turn very deep. I am one of the strongest women I know due to the obstacles I had to cross to get where I am today. 

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My Story

Hi I’m Christina! I live by the phrase “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (yes like the kelly clarkson song) even though half of the time I don’t believe it until later. I am the strongest person I know. I love pop music and being creative. I am a total homebody but love to travel…. doesn’t make sense I know. I want to move everywhere I travel to and swear I want to leave cali but the truth is I am a spoiled cali (weather) girl. I have 3 crazy boys …yes I am a boy mom and I love it. Yes I am also the crazy one that homeschools and I also love it. I love sports (to watch not play) i would rather grab some wings at BWW then head to get my nails done. the inner Tom Boy in me is strong…but on the outside I am all girl with all the glitter and shine. 

I was dealt what some might say as a hard up bringing. But, as cliche as it may sound..I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all those struggles. As a kid I put a mask on everyday I walked out that door and smiled as big as the coolaid man commercial …remember him in the 90’s. I AM A SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVOR. I was raised in a broken home and basically played with fire in my teens thankfully I made it out alive. I decided very young that one day I wanted to be stay -at -home mom and not miss a day of my kids lives. I never had career goals besides sharing my story and creating a business on my own and I was ok with that. so no I never wanted to be a nurse or doctor or lawyer. I wanted to be a mom and I wanted to inspire the world or our young youth that does not matter where you came from or what you have been through you can get through it.